Anybody visiting Clogherhead Village will be delighted with the services available to them. The pub has a tremendous significance in Irish culture, and nowhere more so than in the East of Ireland. The pub is not just considered to be a social outlet but it is seen as a worthwhile pastime especially in a place like Clogherhead, which makes no apologies for its pub culture and, in fact, thrives on it. And there’ll be a lot more than drink flowing in the average Irish pub where good conversation, the best of music and the ‘craic’ are the order of the day. It is here that you will find the truest representation of contemporary Irish life as it is embodied in its people, which are, after all, the country’s greatest asset.

Pubs in Clogherhead generally open from 10.30 am to 11.30 pm, but some open for longer hours during the weekend. Given the Irish love for story-telling, conversation and wit, good company is almost as important as good food.
Myths And Legends


Many People in Clogherhead seem to say that they have witnessed Ghosts. Most of these people say it was found near fields at the SouthSide of Clogherhead in the Chalet Park. Clogherhead is a rural area which according to wiki ghosts, rural areas are common areas in which ghosts are found. In 1997, a man said, at precisely 11pm, that he saw three yellowish figures, he did not confirm these as ghosts but said he could see through whatever it was. Where he saw these, it was in fact in the field that other have seen stuff there. This field maybe haunted but unlikely that it is true.



Captain RedMan

A popular story told by locals is called ‘Captain RedMan.  An area of rocks, known as Dead Man’s and Red Mans Cave, lies at the side of the head in Clogherhead. Some say it is called RedMan’s because of the myth but others say it is because red seaweed lays nearby. The story is about a crew from Spain that sailed to Ireland. Most of the crew died from scurvy on the voyage. When they reached Clogherhead the 6 remaining crew members and captain camped at the caves. As the story progresses, each night, someone mysteriously dies leaving 3 crew and the captain. The crew suspect the captain so they chopped of his head, stuck it on a stick and placed it at the caves now known as RedMans cave.  According to people that have been at RedMans at night they say that they see a man walking around the Clogherhead area singing and whistling.


Film location

Clogherhead has been used as a film location for:

Perrier’s Bounty (in production 2008), starring Cillian Murphy, Jim Broadbent and Brendan Gleeson

The Devil’s Own (Columbia Pictures, 1997) starring Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt

Captain Lightfoot (Universal Studios, 1955) starring Rock Hudson and Barbara Rush


The area also offers scenic walks to the Harbour and along the sandy beachfront. There are also tennis courts in the village, 5-Aside Pitch, local health board and Garda offices.

Callystown National School

Callystown National School has been in “official” existence since 1832. Located on the north side of the village with access through the estate of John Kirk Park, it has an interesting and colourful history.  It now has over 300 pupils and has been extended a number of times to cater for the population growth in the village and an influx of pupils from the surrounding areas.